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Meet the Philanthropy Team

The Children’s Mercy Philanthropy team loves connecting with community friends and supporters like you!

Head shot of Jenea Oliver smiling with her arms crossed. Jenea is the Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer for the Philanthropy Department at Children's Mercy.

Jenea Oliver, PhD
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Why do you love Children’s Mercy?

There are so many reasons, but it boils down to the fact that our medical team makes kids feel better. How can you not love that? As my children say when they feel really bad, 'Mom, will you take me to Children’s Mercy? They always make me feel better!' That’s love.


Philanthropy department staff 

Megan Abbott
Program Manager, Volunteer Services

Allison Abplanalp 
Director, Event Strategy and Operations 

Jane Almond 
Assistant Director, Event Operations  

Laura Barber 
Manager, Data Integrity

Molly Biscari 
Manager, Philanthropic Community Engagement Events 

Megan Boos 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Community Events

Matthew Briggs 
Program Manager, Annual Giving

Angela Bright, CCLS 
Assistant Director, Volunteer Services 

Michelle Brownlee 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Prospect Development 

Annie Burcham 
Manager of Philanthropic Marketing and Community Engagement

Caroline Campbell 
Manager, Philanthropic Communications

Isaac Comer, BCS 
Manager, Philanthropic Database Administrator 

Rae'Donna Cunningham 
Data and Gift Specialist I

Ashley Davis
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Annual Giving

Stephanie Easley 
Assistant Director In-kind Giving and Community Volunteerism 

Angie Endicott 
Program Manager, Event Operations

Jennifer Everett-MaGee 
Senior Manager, Regional Philanthropic Giving

Katherine Gard 
Coordinator, Donor Engagement and Recognition 

Andrew Garton, MBA, CFRE 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Giving 

Laurie Goldstein 
Manager, Philanthropic Giving 

Mark Haas 
Director, Gift Planning 

Gracie Hastings 
Manager, Signature Events Sponsorship

Danielle Haynes 
Manager, Philanthropic Gift Administration and Stewardship

Mary Heinrich 
Director, Philanthropic Donor Strategy and Communications 

Danita Hill 
Manager, Philanthropic Prospect Development

Nicki Johnson, CCLS 
Director, Philanthropic Volunteer Services and In-kind Gifts

Annie Jones 
Coordinator, Philanthropic Communications

Timothy Kemp 
Manager, Philanthropy Data Integration

Jim Klasinski 
Manager, Philanthropic Prospect Research 

Kelly Kommers, CCLS 
Assistant Director, Volunteer Services

Wes Kraly 
Manager, Philanthropic In-kind Giving

Kristin Littrell 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Communications and Engagement

David Logan 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Analytics, Policy and Reporting 

Desiree Long, MA 
Senior Manager, Philanthropic Foundation Giving 

Ashley Lopez 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Signature Events 

Malinda Maddox 
Manager, Philanthropic Database

Laura Martin  
Manager, Philanthropic Giving 

Kate Migneron 
Director, Philanthropic Giving 

Sheila Montgomery, CFRE, GPC 
Director, Philanthropic Foundation Giving 

Erica Morales 
Coordinator, Philanthropic Giving 

Morgan A. Moravec 
Assistant Director, Philanthropic Donor Engagement and Recognition 

Abigail Newman 
Coordinator, Constituent Records

Taylor Nizolek 
Manager, Signature Events

Michaela Norton 
Senior Coordinator, Philanthropic Gift Planning

Molly Paugh 
Senior Manager, Philanthropic Giving 

Jenee Ross 
Manager, Leadership Giving 

Ramona Rosson 
Manager, Philanthropic Gift Administration

Krystal Schwabauer
Manager, Philanthropic Giving

Elisa Shields 
Senior Manager, Philanthropic Communications 

Jennifer Silvers 
Manager, Philanthropic Digital Communications 

Tara Smyth 
Senior Manager, Philanthropic Signature Events 

Shannon Stone 
Director, Philanthropic Operations 

Bailey Stout 
Manager, Regional Philanthropic Giving 

Amanda Swanson, MPA, CFRE 
Manager, Philanthropic Corporate Giving 

Lisa Take 
Program Manager, Volunteer Services

Rachel Thomas
Office Coordinator, Volunteer Services and In-kind Giving

Jasmine Thompson 
Manager, Donor Engagement and Recognition 

Shanelle Varone, CFRE 
Senior Administrative Director, Philanthropy  

Nancy Velder 
Data and Gift Specialist I

Amanda Volmer 
Manager, Philanthropic Communications

Bennett Wendlandt 
Manager, Philanthropic Partnerships

Courtney Wiggins 
Coordinator, Volunteer Services and In-kind Giving

Liz Wolfe 
Manager, Philanthropic Annual Giving Audiences 

Darlus Wolff
Data and Gift Specialist II

Stacy Yehle
Program Director, Philanthropic Marketing Analytics and Strategy