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Volunteer at the Hospital

Built for Kids

Every day, our incredible volunteers—community members just like you—make a difference in the lives of patients and families at Children's Mercy in a variety of ways.

You, too, can become a volunteer and help children and families right here in your community!

Choose your opportunity

Children's Mercy adult volunteer smiling while sitting next to a patient who is smiling in a hospital bed.

Adult volunteer

Your experience matters. Give support and guidance to families and help ensure they have an easy, comfortable visit.  

Become a college student volunteer at Children's Mercy.

College student volunteer

Interested in learning more about children's health? Be a friendly face and a helping hand for the hospital and give comfort to families in need.  

Volunteer as a high school student at Children's Mercy.

High school student volunteer

Gain experience while giving back! Help make hospital visits better for patients and their families. 

Volunteer as a group or team at Children's Mercy.

Group volunteers

Team build for wellness! Give back to the community as a group or team by volunteering at the hospital.

Children's Mercy volunteer with Down's syndrome smithing while holding a stack of towels at the hospital.

Opportunities for volunteers with disabilities

Play a critical role in providing a positive and inclusive experience for our patients and their families. 

Opportunity for Kids: Become a Children's Mercy Junior Champion

When your child donates to the hospital, they have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Champions charm program. This program recognizes their generosity and provides positive reinforcement for their acts of kindness.

Meet our volunteers

Making a difference in her own way

As a former Children’s Mercy patient, Catherine is grateful for the outstanding medical care she received to treat challenges related to her cerebral palsy. But she also knows the importance of a smile when patients and families arrive for a visit or treatment. That’s why she volunteers at the Kreamer Resource Center. “We all can make a difference in our own way,” Catherine said. “I try to make the day a little brighter for our families.”

Learn more
Catherine tells her story about being a patient at Children's Mercy.